Biggest Loser Classes in Chilliwack ,BC with Inspired Changes

Leah’s Inspired Changes – Biggest Loser Program is designed to lose weight in a natural way.  She sets up a boot camp circuit workout for the first 30 minutes of each class. Participants work to the best of their ability challenging all their major muscles groups, working up a great sweat to shed those unwanted pounds.  While the Boot camp circuit is running. Leah takes each participants weight for the week and measurements.  She also talks with each participant about their personal progress, while doing so she offers tips and ideas on how to stay focused. Once she has completed everyone’s weigh and measure  , She then teachs  a Pilates/Body Sculpting workout for 30min,to help tone and strengthen all muscles, she then finishs the class with Yoga stretchs and a Nutritional talk on preparing foods, weight loss tips and an open discussion on Health and wellness.  Leah then gives out a prize to the person who has lost the most pounds and inches overall for the week!  This program runs once a week for  8- 12 weeks at a time. This class is based on having fun while exercising!

If this class interests you ” Pre-register for the next 8  week  Session coming soon , starting in April running to June 2012 @ the NEW Rosedale Middle School in Chilliwack , BC . CALL  to register today –  1-604-378-0300!

 ” Live the healthy life you want,  start today by making small changes!”

Inspired Changes is here to support and guide you in person or online!


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  1. Adinda

    Some of the best times my mom and I had was with skating. I pkcied it up late but all was not lost. I skated on 2 teams and also did singles skating. This provided us with plenty of girl weekends. This has also provided me with a job for the past 13 years. What an amazing thing to share. This post made me smile thinking back on all the wonderful things I shared with my mom and now hope to share with my 4 year old.

  2. Kalungi

    that is awesome. how weounrfdl that she felt the urge so strongly, and has continued and followed through…but more important is that you, as a parent of a 4 year old, listened to that and did something about it. you rock! well, you both rock!