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Vega One Protein Nutritional Shake

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Item-Vega-One-Box-Berry_Large-CDNI wanted to share this great health product I have been using. I tried Vega Products years ago and then along the way tried other products. Now I have come upon their NEW awesome  flavor ” Vanilla Chai”… its light and smooth!

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Committing to Healthier Communities

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Visit Fraser Health Website for more information on Active Living!

Inspired Changes Supports Active Living daily!

Please Visit this Youtube link to see Inspired Changes Leah teaching her Biggest Loser Class! Learn about the fun you can have doing simple,  yet functional exercises.

Frozen Meals Get You Organized!

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Have you ever felt that cooking a nice meal was the last thing that you wanted to do when you got home from work or school?  On those days, wouldn’t it be nice to already have a few meals prepared so all you had to do was choose what you wanted and heat it up?  Freezing meals ahead of time is a great way to help you on those days.

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New Yoga and Pilates Classes in Chilliwack

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Inspired Changes will be starting a new session of YOGA and PILATES classes in April 2012.  Pilates and Yoga are very popular in today’s society.  Both are low impact exercises and mainly uses a person’s own body weight, so it is suitable for all ages.  While they do have some similarities, the main focus in both disciplines are different.
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At some point in our lives, each of us has set a goal.  Perhaps it was to have a certain job or to take a dream vacation.  Setting goals for ourselves give us something that we can look forward to and it also gives us direction.  If the plan to reach a goal is very general, you will likely lose interest in attaining it.  However, if your plan provides you with more details, it will be easier to stay focused.

Goals can be broken down into different categories.  One category could be life goals or what some people refer to as a “bucket list”, things they wish to accomplish before they die.  These goals can then be arranged in a short to long term order.

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Positive Thinking

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A person’s attitude can have a major effect on their life.  Negative thoughts or positive ones are habits that we develop over time. When we develop a negative attitude it not only impacts our life but it can also affect our family, friends and co-workers as well.   Sometimes we do not even notice that we have such a negative attitude because it is part of our daily routine.

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Tough Mudder 2012 Vancouver BC

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I always thought it would be neat to cross the finish line at the Ironman Triathlon.  That feeling of accomplishment must be amazing – knowing that you pushed your body to its limit.  And while I thought it would be great to cross the finish line, I couldn’t seem to garner that same enthusiasm for the beginning or the middle.  While some people love triathlons, biathlons, and marathons, to me they just seem quite boring.  If I was going to run for a long period of time, I would want it to be a little more… fun.

Then, early this year I heard the words Tough Mudder.

What the heck is a Tough Mudder, I thought.

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Childhood Obesity in Canada

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Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Canada. The Health at a Glance 2011 report lists Canada as the eighth highest country for obesity in children and youth. 26.1% of Canadian girls and 28.9% of Canadian boys aged 5 to 17 are now overweight or obese.Who is responsible for this growing trend?Is the government at fault because they have not introduced higher taxes on “bad food” or have not banned those “bad foods” completely? Is it the food corporations’ fault for creating and selling such poor quality food? Is it the media’s fault for promoting and enticing people to buy such products? Or could it be because we are now very dependant on technology for entertaining us? Yes, all of these could have a part to play in the overweight/ obesity epidemic but an important group is missing. The parents. The parents who play such a significant role in their child’s development.

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Go Green: Superfoods to Add to Your Diet

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I like to share information! Check out this link for more ideas on how to spice up your diet in a healthy way!

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Daily Affirmations

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Power Thoughts by Louise L. Hay

Trust life to hear and respond to your positive words. Say these affirmations every day and your whole world will change for the better.

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