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Dream Question of the Month!

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March’s Question of the Month

Vacations are a perfect time for catching up on some rest and relaxation. 

If you won a dream vacation, where would you go and why?

Would it be some place hot or cold? Would you visit an ancient ruin or would you go on a cruise? 

Please share your answers here!

Thank you ,
Inspired Changes

Health Question for March 2012

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Inspired Changes Health Question for March 
If there was one food you had to give up for life, what would that food be? How would not eating this food affect your lifestyle? How hard for you would that be? Where would you find the nutrients to replace this food in your diet?
Examples; , No bread, no dairy, No meat, no gluten, no wheat, no sugar, no salt, no flour.
Please respond here;
Thank you for participating!
Inspired Changes

Yogi – Certified Organic Green Tea Energy

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Benefits to Green Tea

  • Increased energy
  • strengthen Immune Function
  • Lower Cholesterol levels
  • Increased cardio endurance
  • Shed water weight
  • Prevention of many Cancers – Breast,Colon,Esophageal,Bladder,Lung and Skin
  • Prevention of  Heart attack and Stroke
  • Weight loss
  • Tastes great
  • Keeps you warm on cool days

This tea is awesome , I love it!

Inspired Changes


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I love this snack and want to share it with you. Riceworks chips make my life  an easy way to get a higher amount of  fiber in one meal. They are Gluten and Wheat free! Leaving tummy aches behind. If you suffer like I have, from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Then try this style of rice cracker, I have found it great for my digestion! Add 1 cup of chopped veggies to go with 14 chips for 250 calories, making your snack a healthy one! My choice is Riceworks chips Seasoned with Sea Salt and Black Sesame. The best part I love the crunch! – This is a great web-site of information they have too!

Inspired Changes

WEIGHT Loss Calculator

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WEIGHT LOSS Calculator

Want to know if you are intaking to many calories or not enough, use Inspired Changes NEW

Weight loss Calculator!

Average Calories for  moderately active Women 1800- 2000 per day to maintain weight!

Average Calories for  moderately active  Men 2200- 2600 per day!

Kids are different! They must be based on Activity level age and gender!

If you have questions please contact [email protected]


Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach Serving Chilliwack, BC – Interview

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Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching Serving Chilliwack, BC


AH– Hi Leah,First I would like to say thank you for taking the time todo this interview. Before we start could you please tell us a little bit about yourself over the years and what made you want to work in this field?.

Leah Hemstreet – Hi Amanda, Thank you for your interest in interviewing me. I have had a very strong interest in Health and Fitness since I was 16 yrs old. I have always had a passion to help people since I was small! I learned through my early years in school that being active in fitness made me feel great. I wanted to keep my body lean and strong from a young age and I accomplished this by attending all sorts of fitness classes . Through being active in fitness it made me curious to want to learn more about over health and wellness.
I began assisting/ teaching all styles of fitness classes at the age of 19 yrs old. Even with being a bit shy, I overcame my fear of teaching and took my certifications through weekend workshops/ courses and become a certified fitness Instructor through BCRPA.  To broaden my knowledge, I signed up to get my weight training levels 1 & 2 Certification. From there it was very clear to me I needed to learn the body from the inside out.  I signed up for Nutritional and Life Coaching workshops/ courses and later on I  moved into Personal Training and Yoga Instructing! At this current time I am finishing my degree in Natural Health. I have also designed an online Health program called “4 weeks forever ” with full intention of having it published into 3 or 4 books!Eating frequently and clean was something I was raised with, however when I moved out onto my own, I found that my eating habits changed.  This eventually made me curious about experimenting on how to cook and bake foods that were healthy . This became even more important when I entered my early 30’s.
In my early 30’s after a very stressful time in my life,  I was struck with an illness called Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I spent many days where I could not get out of bed, I lost quite a bit of weight that left me looking very thin and sick. I knew what feeling healthy was like, therefore I became even more driven and began my  mission to learn how to become healthy again and get my life back.  I signed up for indepth online courses on health and nutrition, as well as I took workshops based on the body, mind, and spirit. I begun trying out things like acupunture, herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Blood analysis, Foot detox, reflexology, massage,life coaching,and working with nutritionists. Through this journey of illness I found my place of healing! All of these things helped me to regain the lifestyle I once had and wanted. Along with made me even more driven to teach and coach others on how to create the lifestyle they want!This was really easy for me to see that I wanted to continue working in the field of Health and fitness ,as well as add wellness, life coaching and other aspects to my certifications.I continue to run my own health and fitness business from my home studio and I love it! My mission is to help others get their smile back and achieve overall health,wellness and balance in their lives.

AH– So let’s begin with these questions, ok?

Leah Hemstreet– Sounds great!

Personal Training in Chilliwack, BC

AH– What sort of personal training do you offer at your studio?

Leah Hemstreet – I provide all styles of personal training based on ones individual lifestyle. For instance – Weight loss, Strength, Endurance, Boot Camp, Pilates, Yoga, and Body, mind, spirit (which includes life coaching). As well as recently I am training clients for the Tough Mudder Race being held in Whistler, as well as RCMP training!

AH – I heard you are also training a couple of clients for the Tough Mudder ( race, how is that going?

Leah Hemstreet – Yes, I am training 2 of my clients.  Their programs have become quite intense based on many strength, core and endurance training exercises. The chin-ups, push ups, and plyometrics exercises are getting easier as their programs continue. I am excited to see them compete and achieve their desired goals of participating in the “Tough Mudder” race. It looks like a hard and intense race and I know “They will succeed!” They are working out very hard, 5-6 days per week! The Tough Mudder Race will be held in Whistler,BC –  June 23 & 24, 2012.

AH – Wow, that’s exciting!

Health and Nutritional Coaching in Chilliwack, BC

AH – You also offer health and nutritional coaching, could you give us more detail regarding these services?

Leah Hemstreet – Absolutely, I offer Nutrition Coaching, Meal Plans and Natural Health advice based on my clients needs.  For example, if my client is having a hard time losing weight, I will coach and support them on how to make small yet profound changes to their lives over a period of 6-12 weeks or longer.  Helping them create the healthy lifestyle they are looking for is very important to me.  I do not base my teachings on a diet, I teach them a lifestyle on how to make healthy food choices followed by exercising regularly with something they enjoy doing!

AH – Why do you think it’s important for people to become educated in these areas?

Leah Hemstreet – I feel its important to learn how your body works!  Everyone is different, so learning your own body formal is what can lead you to feeling healthy, strong, and vibrant. I encourage my clients/everyone to take the time, not only to learn why you need to become and stay active, but also to learn how the foods you’re eating effect your body, along with why you need to eat certain foods.  Eating is the biggest part of any health program you will ever follow!  I spend a lot of time coaching my clients on food intake, without proper nutrition your body will lack drive, motivation and energy. Not to mention your emotions can vary in extremes due to lack of a poor eating.  By learning to care for your body, you will keep your smile,  illness away, your energy levels up and the best part “your emotions will not be all over the map”. Leading a healthy active life you are garanteed to find overall balance within yourself!

AH – Have you seen an increase in people wanting to learn more about these health/ nutritional related issues?

Leah Hemstreet – Yes, I have. I have calls, emails and many conversations of all types with people just wanting to learn.  Whether it’s how to cook a healthier meal, why they need to add cardio to their programs, or why the body becomes ill when they eat certain foods.  Allergies tend to be a big topic, along with how to fire the metabolism up after being inactive for a long period of time.  I love the conversations I get to have.  I also very much enjoy finding answers to questions if I do not know!

Inspired Changes Fitness Classes in Chilliwack, BC

AH – You not only offer personal training and nutritional coaching, but other fitness classes as well correct?

Leah Hemstreet – Yes, I do.  I have been teaching a Body Sculpting/ Pilates style class for the past 5 yrs over at the Broadway Church gym in Chilliwack.  I have a wonderful group of ladies that I thoroughly enjoy teaching.  The classes are based on toning and strengthening the body, followed by Yoga stretches.  We aim for exercising in a fun way!  There are lots of laughs and enjoyment!  It’s a great class and everyone is welcome!  I have also just begun teaching 3 different classes (Biggest Loser program, Pilates Class and a Yoga Class) at the Rosedale Middle School, these classes will run until June 2012.

(I love teaching! I have a strong background in teaching classes – I taught on the Sunshine Coast for 12 yrs before moving out to the Frazer Valley 8 yrs ago.  My classes have included
Step, Aerobics Hi-Low, Interval Training, Boot Camp, Ab Blast, Hips, Abs and Thighs, Weight Training, Pilates) I am happy to say I have stayed active in teaching for 20 yrs now! Its been great and I intend on staying with it!

AH – That is awesome Leah! Could you tell us a bit more about each of the classes you offer?

Leah Hemstreet – Sure!
Body Sculpting is a class that has been designed to challenge your body by using 3, 5, 8, 10lb weights along with floor exercises used with your own body weight. There are some Plyometric exercises I also add to this class to spice it up a bit and add some cardio to get the heart pumping and body sweating!

Pilates is a class based on core exercises, strengthening all major and minor muscle groups, focusing on form and challenging the body by using different intensity levels. This class is by far one of my personal favourites!

Biggest Loser Program is designed to lose weight in a natural way.  I set up a boot camp circuit workout where each participant works to the best of their ability challenging all major areas.  While the circuit is running, I quickly get each participant to weigh in and take their measurements once a week.  I also talk with each client about their personal progress. Once I have completed weigh and measure we move into a Pilates/Body Sculpting workout for 30min, followed by Yoga stretches and a Nutritional talk on preparing foods, weight loss tips and open discussion on Health.  I then give out a prize to the person who has lost the most pounds and inches over the week!  This program runs for 12 weeks at a time.

Yoga is a relaxing 60 min class of stretches and toning techniques, designed to create overall body balance, breathing and stress release.

Online Fitness and Nutritional Services

AH – I understand you also offer online fitness and nutritional services?

Leah Hemstreet – Yes, I created a Health program I have called “4 Weeks Forever”.  The reason I chose this name is because this program is designed to teach you what your body needs in 30 days.  Once you have found the program you enjoy in the 4 weeks you can carry on with it as long as you like!  If you fall off track, it’s easy to return and pin point what is not working by returning to what you were taught in the 4 weeks.  It’s not a diet that you do and then go back to old ways, it’s a lifestyle you keep!  I have also run this program as a challenge in previous years and it was very successful.  If you are a home based person, not wanting to attend a gym, or have very limited time in your day and are self driven (along with online guidance from me) then this program will work for you!

Note: You must show up from the 1st day you sign up, ready to start and be committed for the 30 days.  I stress to each participant without commitment how can you expect to achieve your desired goals.
Meal Plans – I design personalized meal plans based on weight loss, allergies, shaping up, athletic training, etc!  Meal plans are  set up to help you organize and simplify your lifestyle.  If you are a busy person and want to eat healthy then this is a great way to learn.  All meal plans  come with shopping lists and tips on how to obtain overall health along with getting the most out of your meals!
Health Store – My health store is set up to log on and order your own products.  These products arrive at your door or place of business in 2-7 days and are shipped anywhere in the world.  I have experienced Nutrilite Products to be a very high quality vitamin line and the consistency of the products keeps me ordering.  If you need any help or have questions on vitamins or Nutrilite products please contact me through my web-site and I am very happy to answer any questions to lead you towards healthy choices that are right for you.

AH – Could you tell us how we could benefit from taking part in these programs?

Leah Hemstreet – My “4 Weeks Forever” program is a great way to learn how to get into shape, lose the weight you don’t want and focus on your health!

Meal Plans are a great way to stay focused on choosing healthy foods and lead you to being consistent with your eating patterns.

Inspired Changes Health Store is a great way to learn about what vitamins and minerals benefit your body and why you want to take them. We also carry a some great snack foods and a Sports Nutrition line!
 AH – What do you like best about working online?

Leah Hemstreet – I get to help people all over the world.  I don’t need to see people in person to help them. I am creating a web-site that is world friendly.  I have many ways and ideas yet to come that I will be adding to my web-site to continue helping people from near and afar!


AH – Well Leah, thank you again for sitting down with me for this interview.  I just have one more question.  What would be one piece of advice that you would give to others about improving their mind, body, or spirit?
Leah Hemstreet – Get to know yourself from the inside out!  What you think about, you bring about!  Make small goals based on your body, mind, and spirit on how to achieve the healthiest life possible.  Invest in your health because you are WORTH it! Don’t wait to become sick or injured before wanting to learn, begin your journey today.  Small goals equal great success! One step at a time to a healthy lifestyle is one of my favourite motto’s.
Health and Happiness to you all.

Thanks Amanda for asking all these wonderful questions! I hope I have Inspired at least one person through this interview , if I have please contact me at to let me know what inspiration you have come upon! Leah H


Biggest Loser Classes in Chilliwack ,BC with Inspired Changes

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Leah’s Inspired Changes – Biggest Loser Program is designed to lose weight in a natural way.  She sets up a boot camp circuit workout for the first 30 minutes of each class. Participants work to the best of their ability challenging all their major muscles groups, working up a great sweat to shed those unwanted pounds.  While the Boot camp circuit is running. Leah takes each participants weight for the week and measurements.  She also talks with each participant about their personal progress, while doing so she offers tips and ideas on how to stay focused. Once she has completed everyone’s weigh and measure  , She then teachs  a Pilates/Body Sculpting workout for 30min,to help tone and strengthen all muscles, she then finishs the class with Yoga stretchs and a Nutritional talk on preparing foods, weight loss tips and an open discussion on Health and wellness.  Leah then gives out a prize to the person who has lost the most pounds and inches overall for the week!  This program runs once a week for  8- 12 weeks at a time. This class is based on having fun while exercising!

If this class interests you ” Pre-register for the next 8  week  Session coming soon , starting in April running to June 2012 @ the NEW Rosedale Middle School in Chilliwack , BC . CALL  to register today –  1-604-378-0300!

 ” Live the healthy life you want,  start today by making small changes!”

Inspired Changes is here to support and guide you in person or online!


Fitness Classes by Leah

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Fitness Classes

Inspired Changes offers two group fitness classes both run by Leah Hemstreet. The first group fitness class is ‘The Biggest Loser’ and the second is Body Sculpt. While the classes have different objectives, both are worth while and challenging.

The Biggest Loser

“The Biggest Loser” class is a variation of the popular television show with the same name. The class is designed to meet your specific weight loss goals. This is accomplished by circuit training, health and nutrition sessions, as well as your own determination when you are at home. The program runs for 12 weeks and scheduled workout classes are twice a week. The nutrition information is provided following each work out and support from Leah is provided online between workouts.

To make sure you meet your goals, Leah will record your starting measurements, weight, and health information at the beginning of the class. “The Biggest Loser” class is perfect for those who have a specific goal in mind that they wish to meet in a certain amount of time (for instance a vacation, special event, or health reasons). It is also great for those who wish to jump start their weight loss in a healthy and safe way. The workouts are designed to make you sweat and boredom will not be an issue as the different stations are quite enjoyable.

Cardio, strength and core exercises, stretching, and nutritional information make for a well rounded class that produces results.

Body Sculpt and Pilates

The second group fitness class that Leah offers is Body Sculpt. The class will sculpt your body through the use of minimal equipment. It is a perfect program for people who are just beginning an exercise program, or who have muscle and joint pain, and for those who are more experienced. Participants will need to bring a fitness mat, some light hand weights and an exercise ball. The program runs for 8 weeks, with 2 classes each week and you have the option of signing up for the full 8 weeks or dropping in for a class.

One of the great things about this program is that each class is different, so you will always be challenged. It is a full-body workout which focuses on strength and toning exercises for your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Towards the end of each class a combination of basic yoga moves and Pilates is used for help with stretching and strengthening your muscles.

The Body Sculpt class is also a very friendly and welcoming environment which makes it easy for new comers. If you attend even one class you will begin to feel the health benefits
of a stronger body.

So whether you are interested in losing weight or maintaining fitness, The Biggest Loser program and Body Sculpt program are available to help you reach your goals both in different ways.


Inspired Changes hopes to see you in one of these above classes!


Are you Over Training!

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Over Training!

Do you ever find your muscles so sore , or is your body feeling exhausted and you have no idea why?  You may think” I work out everyday, eat right and do not see how I can be tired and sore”. The reason for this may be due to you are over training! Everybody needs a rest , and time to rejuvenate and heal from their workouts.

Tips to know if you are Over Training are;

  • Do you feel tired upon waking and during your day?
  • Do your workouts lack energy?
  • Have you lost muscle size?
  • Do your muscles ache?
  • Has your appetite decreased?
  • Are you not sleeping?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these , you may be over training! Make healthy changes by keeping your workouts to under 60 minutes long, allow recovery time between your workouts. Take 2 days off per week to rest your body.

Inspired Changes encourages you to be active in a healthy way!

By Leah


April Health and Fitness Challenge

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April Health and Fitness Challenge

Inspired Changes is proud to announce our new 30 day challenge for the month of April! Summer is just around the corner and this challenge is the perfect way to welcome it.  Whether you would like to get in shape or lose weight, work hard ,get commited for 30 days and shed 10 lbs in April or become spiritually balanced this is a great way to help you meet your goals.

What is the challenge?

Follow the 4 Weeks Forever Heath and fitness program for 30 days,and challenge yourself to become a healthy NEW you!

Each day will bring about a new healthy body,mind and spiritual challenge for you to follow. 

  • You will learn new exercises each day and why they are important. 
  • You will learn the benefits of certain foods, new recipes, and health and wellness tips.
  • You will learn new spiritual and inner self tips to keep you balanced.

How much does it cost?
The 4 Weeks Forever health and fitness program costs $49.99 and is yours to keep forever.  For 30 days you will receive tips and personal support from Leah by skype or email.

Will the winner receive a prize?
Yes! Not only will you be eligible to win a prize but the winner will be featured as Inspired Changes’ “Success Story of the Month” in the May newsletter. 

GREAT! How do I sign up?
Just click here and join Inspired Changes for its April Fitness and Health Challenge!

Sign up today and begin now or ask to start your program April 1st, 2012 either way you will be part of April’s Health Challenge! This program is based on 30 days from the day you sign up!
Thank you,
Inspired Changes
Leah Hemstreet
Inspired Changes Personal Training & Nutrition
[email protected]



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