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At some point in our lives, each of us has set a goal.  Perhaps it was to have a certain job or to take a dream vacation.  Setting goals for ourselves give us something that we can look forward to and it also gives us direction.  If the plan to reach a goal is very general, you will likely lose interest in attaining it.  However, if your plan provides you with more details, it will be easier to stay focused.

Goals can be broken down into different categories.  One category could be life goals or what some people refer to as a “bucket list”, things they wish to accomplish before they die.  These goals can then be arranged in a short to long term order.

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Tough Mudder 2012 Vancouver BC

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I always thought it would be neat to cross the finish line at the Ironman Triathlon.  That feeling of accomplishment must be amazing – knowing that you pushed your body to its limit.  And while I thought it would be great to cross the finish line, I couldn’t seem to garner that same enthusiasm for the beginning or the middle.  While some people love triathlons, biathlons, and marathons, to me they just seem quite boring.  If I was going to run for a long period of time, I would want it to be a little more… fun.

Then, early this year I heard the words Tough Mudder.

What the heck is a Tough Mudder, I thought.

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WEIGHT Loss Calculator

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WEIGHT LOSS Calculator

Want to know if you are intaking to many calories or not enough, use Inspired Changes NEW

Weight loss Calculator!

Average Calories for  moderately active Women 1800- 2000 per day to maintain weight!

Average Calories for  moderately active  Men 2200- 2600 per day!

Kids are different! They must be based on Activity level age and gender!

If you have questions please contact [email protected]


Biggest Loser Classes in Chilliwack ,BC with Inspired Changes

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Leah’s Inspired Changes – Biggest Loser Program is designed to lose weight in a natural way.  She sets up a boot camp circuit workout for the first 30 minutes of each class. Participants work to the best of their ability challenging all their major muscles groups, working up a great sweat to shed those unwanted pounds.  While the Boot camp circuit is running. Leah takes each participants weight for the week and measurements.  She also talks with each participant about their personal progress, while doing so she offers tips and ideas on how to stay focused. Once she has completed everyone’s weigh and measure  , She then teachs  a Pilates/Body Sculpting workout for 30min,to help tone and strengthen all muscles, she then finishs the class with Yoga stretchs and a Nutritional talk on preparing foods, weight loss tips and an open discussion on Health and wellness.  Leah then gives out a prize to the person who has lost the most pounds and inches overall for the week!  This program runs once a week for  8- 12 weeks at a time. This class is based on having fun while exercising!

If this class interests you ” Pre-register for the next 8  week  Session coming soon , starting in April running to June 2012 @ the NEW Rosedale Middle School in Chilliwack , BC . CALL  to register today –  1-604-378-0300!

 ” Live the healthy life you want,  start today by making small changes!”

Inspired Changes is here to support and guide you in person or online!


Fitness Classes by Leah

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Fitness Classes

Inspired Changes offers two group fitness classes both run by Leah Hemstreet. The first group fitness class is ‘The Biggest Loser’ and the second is Body Sculpt. While the classes have different objectives, both are worth while and challenging.

The Biggest Loser

“The Biggest Loser” class is a variation of the popular television show with the same name. The class is designed to meet your specific weight loss goals. This is accomplished by circuit training, health and nutrition sessions, as well as your own determination when you are at home. The program runs for 12 weeks and scheduled workout classes are twice a week. The nutrition information is provided following each work out and support from Leah is provided online between workouts.

To make sure you meet your goals, Leah will record your starting measurements, weight, and health information at the beginning of the class. “The Biggest Loser” class is perfect for those who have a specific goal in mind that they wish to meet in a certain amount of time (for instance a vacation, special event, or health reasons). It is also great for those who wish to jump start their weight loss in a healthy and safe way. The workouts are designed to make you sweat and boredom will not be an issue as the different stations are quite enjoyable.

Cardio, strength and core exercises, stretching, and nutritional information make for a well rounded class that produces results.

Body Sculpt and Pilates

The second group fitness class that Leah offers is Body Sculpt. The class will sculpt your body through the use of minimal equipment. It is a perfect program for people who are just beginning an exercise program, or who have muscle and joint pain, and for those who are more experienced. Participants will need to bring a fitness mat, some light hand weights and an exercise ball. The program runs for 8 weeks, with 2 classes each week and you have the option of signing up for the full 8 weeks or dropping in for a class.

One of the great things about this program is that each class is different, so you will always be challenged. It is a full-body workout which focuses on strength and toning exercises for your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Towards the end of each class a combination of basic yoga moves and Pilates is used for help with stretching and strengthening your muscles.

The Body Sculpt class is also a very friendly and welcoming environment which makes it easy for new comers. If you attend even one class you will begin to feel the health benefits
of a stronger body.

So whether you are interested in losing weight or maintaining fitness, The Biggest Loser program and Body Sculpt program are available to help you reach your goals both in different ways.


Inspired Changes hopes to see you in one of these above classes!


Are you Over Training!

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Over Training!

Do you ever find your muscles so sore , or is your body feeling exhausted and you have no idea why?  You may think” I work out everyday, eat right and do not see how I can be tired and sore”. The reason for this may be due to you are over training! Everybody needs a rest , and time to rejuvenate and heal from their workouts.

Tips to know if you are Over Training are;

  • Do you feel tired upon waking and during your day?
  • Do your workouts lack energy?
  • Have you lost muscle size?
  • Do your muscles ache?
  • Has your appetite decreased?
  • Are you not sleeping?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these , you may be over training! Make healthy changes by keeping your workouts to under 60 minutes long, allow recovery time between your workouts. Take 2 days off per week to rest your body.

Inspired Changes encourages you to be active in a healthy way!

By Leah


Spring into fitness tips

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Day #27 Blog

Spring into fitness tips

* Get outside everyday  for 20-30 minutes
* Buy suitable clothing to hike,bike,run,jog and walk outside daily
* Put a spring in your step by jogging every so often
* Make a date with a friend for a hike in the forest for 60 minutes,pack a nutritious snack!
* Plan outdoor trips to learn more about where you live
* Take your family on one outdoor event per week
* Eat an apple on your walk
* Sit by the ocean air
* Join a boot camp class outdoors
* Hike your local hill/mountain side once a week
* Join a sport ,soccer,baseball,field hockey,football,tennis
* Join a community run for 5 to 10 km, work up to it my training 2 months in advance

Inspired Changes promotes a healthy lifestyle!

Blogging -20 days into it!

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Day #20 Blog

My goal was to blog for 30 days every night, I have kept it up. One night  I did re-post something from a few months back, all around I have found blogging to be enjoyable. It’s been great to search for information to blog about. I have learned new things that have tickled my brain and refreshed my memory.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the different blogs I have created this past 3 weeks. I have 10 more days to go so if there is a subject you would like to know more on , please leave me a comment or contact me via my web-site

As for today, I was reminded to fuel my body with food after exercising right away. I had a pretty hard workout for myself in class this morning and felt a bit shaky afterwards, this is due to lack of water , I was hungry, my muscles had built up their share of lactic acid during my workout. To recover, I came straight home,had an 8oz glass of skim milk, water,1/4 cup yogurt  ,1/4 piece apple. Right away I felt better, the 2 piece of whole grain flax bread with 100% peanut butter I ate before class for breakfast was completely gone after my workout. Its so important to re-fuel right away, this keeps your metabolism running high and gives you back your energy to carry out the rest of your day!

 Enjoy your evening and thank you for stopping by Inpsired Changes Blog site!

Health and Happiness to you,

Inspired Changes


"Sports training" workouts are fun!

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Workouts are fun! Sports Training!

Make your workouts fun!

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Day #11 Blog

Make your workouts fun! My daughter Ashley said to me tonight,” Mom let your readers know, that 40-50 yr old women can have a lot of fun taking Ballet classes”. She quoted “They will laugh and enjoy themselves, as well as strengthen their overall body and enhance their posture! We( Ashley and I) encourage you to choose workouts you enjoy like  fitness classes, poll dancing, ballet, sports,hike,ride,run,walk,swim, boot camp classes, etc! Why do a workout that makes you watch the clock. If you are not enjoying what your doing then find something you do enjoy. Aim for a good sweat around 30 -60 minutes long , 3-5 days per week! Your body will “thank you”! Once you have found the workout you love, ask a friend to join you! What a great way to socialize and catch up with someone you enjoy to be around. Not only will you be having fun, you will be driven to be more accountable to show up. You would not want to let yourself or your friend down , right? Do your best for your body!

My favorite exercise at the moment is Yoga! My favorite music to play while teaching “Yoga” is “The Medicine Woman”.I love Yoga, I teach at least 2 classes per week. I enjoy the soft music playing while I am stretching.This  allows me to breathe and relax. In today’s society life is stressful. This is one way for me to re-align my body and lengthen out my muscles. For me ,this creates less tension in my body,more relaxation ,better sleep, less stress,no illness = a more enjoyable,smiling, laughing  person to be around!  Note: ( I am a cardio nut , I have always loved to work out hard ,so moving into Yoga has been a challenge for me. It has made my body adapt to exercising in different ways. Most of all, my overall health has improved! I am very happy I have added Yoga into my lifestyle . I make sure to end each class I teach with at least 10minutes of Yoga ,which creates a nice positive finish to a fun workout!

Please let me know today what your favorite exercise is! I would love to hear what keeps you in great shape!

Inspired Changes,


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