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At some point in our lives, each of us has set a goal.  Perhaps it was to have a certain job or to take a dream vacation.  Setting goals for ourselves give us something that we can look forward to and it also gives us direction.  If the plan to reach a goal is very general, you will likely lose interest in attaining it.  However, if your plan provides you with more details, it will be easier to stay focused.

Goals can be broken down into different categories.  One category could be life goals or what some people refer to as a “bucket list”, things they wish to accomplish before they die.  These goals can then be arranged in a short to long term order.

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Positive Thinking

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A person’s attitude can have a major effect on their life.  Negative thoughts or positive ones are habits that we develop over time. When we develop a negative attitude it not only impacts our life but it can also affect our family, friends and co-workers as well.   Sometimes we do not even notice that we have such a negative attitude because it is part of our daily routine.

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Childhood Obesity in Canada

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Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Canada. The Health at a Glance 2011 report lists Canada as the eighth highest country for obesity in children and youth. 26.1% of Canadian girls and 28.9% of Canadian boys aged 5 to 17 are now overweight or obese.Who is responsible for this growing trend?Is the government at fault because they have not introduced higher taxes on “bad food” or have not banned those “bad foods” completely? Is it the food corporations’ fault for creating and selling such poor quality food? Is it the media’s fault for promoting and enticing people to buy such products? Or could it be because we are now very dependant on technology for entertaining us? Yes, all of these could have a part to play in the overweight/ obesity epidemic but an important group is missing. The parents. The parents who play such a significant role in their child’s development.

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Daily Affirmations

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Power Thoughts by Louise L. Hay

Trust life to hear and respond to your positive words. Say these affirmations every day and your whole world will change for the better.

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Dream Question of the Month!

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March’s Question of the Month

Vacations are a perfect time for catching up on some rest and relaxation. 

If you won a dream vacation, where would you go and why?

Would it be some place hot or cold? Would you visit an ancient ruin or would you go on a cruise? 

Please share your answers here!

Thank you ,
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Health Question for March 2012

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Inspired Changes Health Question for March 
If there was one food you had to give up for life, what would that food be? How would not eating this food affect your lifestyle? How hard for you would that be? Where would you find the nutrients to replace this food in your diet?
Examples; , No bread, no dairy, No meat, no gluten, no wheat, no sugar, no salt, no flour.
Please respond here;
Thank you for participating!
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Everyone procrastinates about something in their lives.  We usually procrastinate about tasks we would rather not do.  We will empty the dishwasher later, or we will pack up the clothes later, or do our homework later, and on and on.  Some tasks that would take only a few minutes to complete, we procrastinate and complain about them for hours.

Usually procrastination is not a huge problem but sometimes is can be a symptom of a larger issue.  When it has a negative effect on our productivity we must look at the deeper issues behind it.  Are we procrastinating because we are afraid of failure? Or afraid of success?  Perhaps it is a way for us to rebel.  Whatever the reason, it is crucial that we examine the “why”, so we can begin to change our ways.  If we do not, it can affect all areas of our lives and lead to personal, professional, mental, and health issues.

There are many ways to combat procrastination and depending on the degree of which we procrastinate, we may have to implement a few or many changes.

A Few Tips for Fighting Procrastination

Tip 1
If you are find that time passes by but you have not completed any specific task, one of the first steps you should do is create a time log.  Just go about your usual business for a week and right down how much time you spent on each task (from morning til night).  You will be able to see exactly where you’ve wasted your time and try to determine why.

Tip 2
If making a weekly schedule is too overwhelming, plan in shorter time periods.  For instance, make a daily list of things you need to complete and budget how much time will be spent on each activity.  When you complete each task – cross it off.  This is a great visual aid and will give you motivation to finish your daily list.

Tip 3
Reward yourself.  When you complete all the items on your daily list, reward yourself with something you enjoy.  For example; watch your favourite TV show or movie, or take a long bath.  If you stick to your weekly schedule you can reward yourself with something bigger if you so desire.  This will give you incentive when you feel like procrastinating.

Following these tips will help break the procrastination cycle over time and ultimately lead to a better, happier, and more relaxed you!

Written By Amanda H

Goal Setting

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 I have not sat down to write anything for quite awhile now on my web-site. I have found that my energy has been used up in other areas of my life. Work, kids, house chores, meetings , events and so on!

Do you ever feel like you are almost ” Balanced” and then all of sudden your priorities change! This is the story of my life today! I woke up feeling like I was missing something , I opened up my computer to check my emails and my web-site was the first thing to greet me on my home page! I smiled and thought ” its you, where have you been” (lol more where have I been) note: I had been forgetting about the seed I planted to build my online business ! My web-site has taken a back seat lately and by acknowledging this I can now get busy writing again and nurturing the dream I have had for so long! Don’t forget to journel your dreams! I quickly got out my planner today and slotted in my online business hour so I can sit and find ways to connect with the outside world! If you have any feedback on discussions you are interested in, please visit me on my web-site and let me know how I can help you!

Health and Happiness,


Be a Role model for your Children!

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Who was your role model when you were growing up? Look at them now are they living their life the way you imagined them to be? Are they still your role model? 

My role model was my cousin Shelley, I loved her personality, the way she dressed, the way she spoke, she smiled , laughed and everyone felt her presence. Today I look at her and smile with “gratitude” that she is still in my life and still a great role model to even my children. She is a lovely lady who has been very successful on every level. She has a kind heart and cares for those around her. She is family orientated and her smile lights up any room. Thank you Shelley for being a wonderful role model for me.

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Cell phones in Public!

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How important is your cell phone to you? Do you go anywhere without your cell phone? Do you feel ” free” by having a cell phone or do you feel total distraction every time you try to do something be it at home or out of home? Do you even own a home telephone anymore?Do you text or actually talk to the person on the other end of the phone?

I miss some parts of my old life when I walked out the door and returned home when I said I would be home.However, tonight I went on a date with my husband and we shut off our phone , told our oldest daughter where we would be if she needed us, and had our date without any phone calls. It was great to have a connection without distraction.

 I have found cell phones to create stress by waiting for the darn thing to ring ,then  it doesn’t, or when I need to use my phone it dies, due to not holding a charge after a long period of time. I also find it quite costly,its a bill I never use to have.  The biggest thing I see about phones these days is, not only do I pass people texting while driving, I see them bump into people when walking, or you cannot have a conversation with them due to their phone beeping constantly.

The  distraction is always there without getting  full attention when dealing with someone who always has to check their phone. Have you stood in a bank lineup listening to someone make a business deal, or be having an arguement with their boyfriend on the phone, or lecture their teenage kids without considering who is listening? I have even had friends not know I am standing there and they are so engulfed in there phone call they wanted right on by. I feel people seem to function in their own world without enjoying the public anymore.

 Yes ,I have just spoke about the negitives here , however I have a method to this irritation I find with cell phones. I feel every person needs to learn to turn off the phone when they enter a grocery store ,or bank line up, focus on smiling to the people they walk by, look at the teller and say “thank you” for ringing through my groceries, you will probably then notice the teller is happy with you not grouchy looking.  By taking a little “sanity” time without your phone when shopping you will be creating a  lot less  stress by not doing so many things at the same time. 

Next time you have coffee,lunch etc .. with your friend,family, kids , shut off your phone and make your friend,family member feel like you want to have coffee with them. Honestly , what is wrong with being personal anymore?  We all know its todays society to talk on the run, but we must not let CELL phone run our lives. Why follow the pattern of not  connecting on a personal level with others! Instead learn to re-connect with your loved ones. When I was growing up I saw many more smiling faces and laughter than I do when I look at todays public. Todays public has blue tooths in their ears, or phones on there heads.. They forget to notice what is really going on! Let’s get back to what is happening around us in public!

Inspired Tip: Place a basket at your front door for whoever enters your home including yourself, to drop your cell phone into…This will let you know how attached you are to your phone! At least make an effort to put the phone in the basket for some part of your day!

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