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April Health and Fitness Challenge

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April Health and Fitness Challenge

Inspired Changes is proud to announce our new 30 day challenge for the month of April! Summer is just around the corner and this challenge is the perfect way to welcome it.  Whether you would like to get in shape or lose weight, work hard ,get commited for 30 days and shed 10 lbs in April or become spiritually balanced this is a great way to help you meet your goals.

What is the challenge?

Follow the 4 Weeks Forever Heath and fitness program for 30 days,and challenge yourself to become a healthy NEW you!

Each day will bring about a new healthy body,mind and spiritual challenge for you to follow. 

  • You will learn new exercises each day and why they are important. 
  • You will learn the benefits of certain foods, new recipes, and health and wellness tips.
  • You will learn new spiritual and inner self tips to keep you balanced.

How much does it cost?
The 4 Weeks Forever health and fitness program costs $49.99 and is yours to keep forever.  For 30 days you will receive tips and personal support from Leah by skype or email.

Will the winner receive a prize?
Yes! Not only will you be eligible to win a prize but the winner will be featured as Inspired Changes’ “Success Story of the Month” in the May newsletter. 

GREAT! How do I sign up?
Just click here and join Inspired Changes for its April Fitness and Health Challenge!https://www.inspiredchangeshealthandnutrition.com/4-weeks-forever-health-program/

Sign up today and begin now or ask to start your program April 1st, 2012 either way you will be part of April’s Health Challenge! This program is based on 30 days from the day you sign up!
Thank you,
Inspired Changes
Leah Hemstreet
Inspired Changes Personal Training & Nutrition
[email protected]



Toxic Chemicals can make you Over-Weight

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Are you aware of what you PUT on your skin? Do you know toxic chemicals can contribute to making you over- weight! Look for all naturals products to use that contain NO PEGs. PEGs impact the hormonal system and the brain and create a toxic burden in the body. They may cause memory loss. Toxins include ;Look for the big “E” in all cosmetics,lotions,sunscreens etc ,MEA,DEA,TEA or triethanolamine.

Inspired Changes looks to bring you information worth your while!

Please visit www.inspiredchanges.ca

Low Glycemic Foods

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**In order to loose weight stick to the food list below…