Cure your Cough Naturally!

Natural Cough Remedies Can Help!

Natural cough remedies are often preferred when treating coughs caused by allergies and nasal irritants because over-the-counter antihistamine-decongestant combinations can cause side effects in many people. 

Determine what type of cough you have;

Two Types of Cough

There are two basic types of coughs, chest coughs and dry coughs. The effectiveness of natural cough remedies depends on identifying which cough you have. A chest cough is often characterized by mucus or phlegm in the chest that is brought up by the action of coughing. A dry cough produces no phlegm.

The treatment for both types of coughs is very different and, unlike pharmaceutical medicines, natural cough remedies are usually very specific as to the type of cough they treat. In the case of a chest cough the mucus needs to be removed from the chest but in a dry cough there is no benefit to coughing.

Chest Cough Due to Respiratory Disease
(natural cough remedies contribute to a faster recovery)

If your cough is caused by an upper or lower respiratory tract infection you may find that as the condition progresses, the symptoms often include wheezing (a whistling sound when you breath), colored phlegm or a temperature over 101°F. This means you are sick and may need to see your doctor or naturopathic physician depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Natural cough remedies can play a role in your recovery from a respiratory disease by gently aiding the natural coughing process (to help remove phlegm) and soothing nasal irritation,

Dry Cough Due to Allergies
(respond well to natural cough remedies)

Dry coughs can be caused by allergies to irritants like dust, smoke, pollen, mold, freshly cut grass, pets and certain plants, cleaning agents, room deodorizers and chemical fumes. Since dry coughs have no purpose (ie: expectorating mucous or phlegm) and they cause needless irritation in the chest and throat it is beneficial to suppress a dry cough.

Asthma Can Cause Coughs
(natural cough remedies are beneficial for Asthma)

Persistent coughing may also indicate asthma. In some people with mild asthma, a cough is the only symptom. There are scientifically proven natural herbal formulas that have been developed to provide gentle, safe and effective natural relief from the respiratory symptoms of asthma. If you have a more advanced asthma condition, and if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of other treatments or preventive measures, you will benefit most from a combination of natural remedies.

 Natural Ways to Cure your cough are~ Place 1 tbsp honey in 1/2 cup hot water, add in 1 tsp lemon juice ~ together drink honey and water then rub vicks vapour rub on chest right before laying down to eliminate a dry or congested cough.

~ Add grapes into your daily diet and watch your cough disappear over a period of a few days! Yes this takes longer but it works!

~Drink plenty of warm water to loosen mucus, suck on cough drops or hard candies to moisten the throat, and get plenty of rest to heal your body.

~ Avoid all cold food/drinks . Eat or drink only warm or hot food/drinks. Warm teas and soups are best!

~ Avoid all smoke, dust, fumes and gases, cover your face when near them to avoid coughing or inhaling these irritants.

~ Always wash your hands before and after you eat. ~ Take a bath after coming in from outside to eliminate all irritants on clothing or skin.

TIP: always research the Natural ways to heal your body before taking  Medications of any kind!

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