New Yoga and Pilates Classes in Chilliwack

Inspired Changes will be starting a new session of YOGA and PILATES classes in April 2012.  Pilates and Yoga are very popular in today’s society.  Both are low impact exercises and mainly uses a person’s own body weight, so it is suitable for all ages.  While they do have some similarities, the main focus in both disciplines are different.

The focus in Yoga is more on your inner self.  Concentrating on deep breathing and/or meditating while holding different poses is a major part of this philosophy.  The deep breathing helps to improve lung capacity which results in better endurance.  Deep breathing and meditating also helps reduce stress by calming your mind.  Better balance and posture are another benefit of practising yoga.  Different controlled poses stretch and strengthen the upper and lower body, as well as your abdominals and back.  While it is more mindful discipline, you still receive physical benefits.

Pilates, however, focuses more on the physical body, specifically the core muscles.  When you first begin Pilates, the exercises are mainly focused on developing a strong core through controlled movements.  Because the movements are more about quality than quantity, you are more aware of the muscles being used.  Pilates is also a great way to improve flexibility and agility.  Pilates as a discipline will help achieve better posture, a stronger core, and toned muscles.

Chilliwack Yoga and Pilates Classes

Check out our Pilates / Yoga Infusion Classes for more information.

*Please note that to sign up for the Yoga or Pilates classes at the Rosedale location contact Olga at Rosedale Traditional Community School Society (RTCSS)
Phone 604 378-0300


Inspired Changes looks forward to meeting you !

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