Kelly Thiessen

“I can do more than I ever thought possible”
- Kelly Thiessen



Age: 37 yrs
Height: 5’3″
Weight before: 174lbs
Current weight: 164lbs
Goal weight: 150lbs

My fitness journey started in: September 2009

I am approximately 15 pounds to my goal weight.
I would like to achieve my goal weight by Christmas 2009.

My Fitness journey began when: I realized my pants weren’t fitting like they used to.
What has been your biggest lesson about yourself: That I can do more than I ever thought possible (60 minutes of cardio)
What have you changed to make yourself happy: I’m starting to put me and my family first, instead of helping everyone else first, and I’m starting not to feel as guilty when I say ‘no’ to someone.
What has been one of the most challenging times in your life: First year university, life as I knew it changed dramatically
What is your strategy to loosing weight: One day at a time
What roll does your Personal Trainer play in your weight loss program: She believes in me and does whatever she can to help me reach my goal!
One thing I have learned that is very important from my Personal Trainer: To always be positive. And just because I have a bad eating day doesn’t mean it has to sabotage my thoughts.

Favorite Food ~ Turkey Dinner
Favorite Cheat Food ~ Chips and Dip
Favorite Exercise ~ IS there such a thing?
Most challenging Exercise ~ The plank on the ball
Health Tip ~ It’s definitely a difficult journey but we are worth it
Weekly Exercise Plan ~ I workout with my Personal Trainer 5 days per week doing cardio, weight training and interval training.
One thing I will do once my goal weight is achieved is: ~ I will wear a bathing suit, and go swimming with my kids