Rhonda Corbett

“I felt my first real big day of SWEATING when I attended Leah’s home studio during a small classs she was teaching, at that point I signed up for 3 cardio sessions per week with Leah. Averaging a 2 to 3 lb weight loss per week. I have almost reached my goal!”
- Rhonda Corbett




Age: 45
Before Weight: N/A
Goal Weight: 15lbs lost in 8 Weeks
Height: 5′ 7″
Rhonda started her fitness program: March 2011 – I was looking to become healthy and fit.
Things I have learned from Leah:
Is that cardio is a very important part of exercising and weight loss.

Personal Trainer: Leah Hemstreet
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite cheat food: French Fries, Pizza, Ice Cream
Favorite exercise: Elliptical, Treadmil
Most challenging exercise: The Plank
Favorite Movie: No Strings Attached, Bucket List
Workout music: Nickelback, Keith Urban

Most inspiring fitness professional: Leah Hemstreet – she is very positive and works around your own wants, one on one.

Hobbies: Golfing
Daily food plan: 5-6 small meals through out the day, I drink 4 litres per day, For a snack I have added veggies and hummus to my day and really enjoy them!

Weekly exercise routine: 3 days per week of Cardio 60min sessions with Leah, 2 days of golfing, evening bike rides with my daughter, if its raining I attend Leah’s Body Sculpting Classes 2 days per week.

Health Tip: Portion control is important, don’t reach for second helpings, drink lots of water.

One thing that I will do for myself when I have reached my goal: I will go shopping and buy myself a new golfing outfit!