Positive Changes

ClarityWhen given the chance, how often do you sit and reflect on your life? What words and thoughts come to your mind first? These words that you hear coming back at you “They are a staple to how you are choosing to live your life”. What kind of lifestyle are you aiming to create? Together are these words, feelings and what you are physically doing day to day matching each other?Do you feel positive or negative?

I am here to tell you, there are ways to create a healthy positive lifestyle!

I spend my days coaching my clients, friends and loved ones on how to make positive healthy changes in their lives. My motto is “Inspiring Positive Changes in Others” I feel that focusing on the life you want creates happiness within.  That sense of peace that is drawn to you. What does that look like to you? Is it a content feeling you have? Or is it a physical/tangible item or person you want to spend time with? Is it an experience that you do by yourself or with someone else? Spiritually where are you, do you feel connected with yourself and others?

  • Get a pen and paper
  • Write out each question from above
  • Write about each aspect of your life
  • The Goal is ” To Create a Healthy Positive Balance within your soul”
  • What are your favorite words? List them…
  • What are your favorite Experiences? List them…
  • Who is with you during those Experiences? List them…
  • Do you have enough support in your life? If so , who and what kind of support are you receiving?
  • Choose one change this week you can make to create more positivity in your life!


If you would like more support on creating a healthy, active positive life ” Inspired Changes” is here to help you!

Contact Leah on her contact page!