Teenage Acne! A natural way to clear it up!

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A NATURAL WAY to clear up Acne!

Here are some tips to help; Try everyday for 2 weeks and notice the changes! Add the food plan below to your daily food intake! Strive to eat whole grains,low-fat dairy products,fresh cooked and raw vegetables,fresh fruits,lean proteins, healthy fats such as omega 3.

Breakfast: Drink   1/2  cup  of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Or   10 oz cup of Fresh squeezed lemon water with 1 tsp dark organic maple syrup.

Lunch: Eat  1 cup of organic fruit in season – apples/Bananas in the fall and winter, Raspberries,blueberries,black berries in Spring  water melon,cantaloupe, honey dew  in the summer.

Dinner : Spring/Summer  eat fresh, home-made salads or soup – Use dressing on salads made of Lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Add 1/4 cup of avocado with tomatoes, raw vegetables such as ; peppers,cucumber,celery,onions, to salads for spring and summer.Fall/Winter  eat  1 cup of  cooked root vegetables such as celery,greens ,squash,red potato, sweet potato, yams,beets, carrots,peas, plantains –  blend into soups!

By taking the time to add extra fruits and vegetables to your daily food intake you will notice a great difference in the appearance of your skin. *Don’t stop here , look for quality NATURAL  facial products to clean and care for your skin. * Use an Infrared Sauna – 2 days per week after exercising for 30 minutes or until you have had a big sweat to release toxins and rejuvenate your skin. *Exercise for 5-6 days per week for 30-60 minutes working up a sweat. * Drink plenty of fresh water daily 8-10 oz cups 

**Try to avoid eating to much caffeine- coffee ,white flour, white sugar, pop,candy,chips,cookies, sugar cereals,juice

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