The Power of Breathing RIGHT!

I come upon a valuable book recently called ” Stop Asthma Naturally”

 written by Christine Byrne-Ralfs & Patrick McKeown.

What I learned by reading this book is;

~ Always breathe with your mouth closed, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose!

Why – Because mouth breathing creates your body to over-breathe which in return creates illnesses in your body. Think about it for just a moment. We can store fat on our body , we can store water in our body, we can go for a limited time without food and water to live. BUT we cannot go more than a few short minutes without AIR. We cannot store air. So when we over-breathe we are creating our organs to work harder than they need to. This creates many symtoms in our body such as allergic reactions,asthma,digestive problems, dizziness, sweating,shortness of breath and much more.

Why does this happen: its due to the amount of carbon dioxide levels that leave the body in a rapid force. When over -breathing takes place  your carbon dioxide levels are left very low. This is where illness sets in.

Step One– Become aware of your breathing patterns!

Step Two– Learn to breath through your nose at all times! ( If you plug one nostral you will notice one is plugged the other is free , this is normal,check in a couple hours and your plugged nostrals will change sides, your nose creates this pattern to rest and repair the nose as breathing is happening) If you suffer from a plugged nose its important to learn how to unplug it naturally- Please purchase or borrow this book above from the library to learn how to unplug your nose without using sprays or medications.

Step Three– After learning how to not hyperventilate or over-breathe like we have been talking about you will feel your body calming and illness disappearing!

Ways to heal the body;

DO NOT- over -eat, over sleep ,mouth breathe ,excessive talking,lack of physical exercise,stress, hot/cold temperatures. ( choose a well balanced diet, sleep no more than 7 hours per night, breathe through your nose all the time,talk in small amounts without feeling like your throat is drying up,exercise 30min per day,meditate/quiet the mind daily, choose room temperature water to drink and enviromental surroundings need to not be over-whelming to your body.

I Love this quote by Albert Einstein –


 X is work / Y is play/Z is keep your mouth shut”

One more KEY tip – BREATHE DEEPLY , DO NOT take BIG breaths.. There is a difference here, breathe in through the nose ,fill up your lungs and breathe out .  Do not take in more AIR than the body can handle. Practice makes perfect! Before you know it your body has made healthy changes and NOW you feel healthy.

Hopefully this information will help you as you are trying to heal your body!~

Please let me know at [email protected] if you find a healing that takes place in your body after teaching yourself how to breathe through your nose!

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