Weight Lifting

Note: Before beginning an exercise program; you should always include a 10 minute warm up and some light stretching to prevent soft tissue damage or muscle injury. (Please consult your doctor if this is the first time you are beginning an exercise program.)

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It seems that everyone sees weight lifting as an activity that makes you large, bulky and inflexible. Really weight lifting is a rejuvenating ambitious activity that has many benefits with the proper knowledge and discipline that can help you become lean and flexible.

Weight lifting has different types of strategies for different strengths and functions. For example, weight lifting promotes; overall body function, physique, strength, muscle endurance and energy. These are just some of the benefits to this activity.



Lets go over some of the styles or disciplines
that you may be aiming for:

Hypertrophy (bodybuilding)

This type of weight lifting is done for strength, size and the look of the muscle. This discipline is done with sets and rep arrangement such as medium to low reps with medium to heavy weight. The goal is to make the muscle fibers tear which is acheived with using heavier weight so the muscle can fatigue in order to grow and become stronger and larger.The reps are a little higher than powerlifting because wearing the muscle down with a few more reps is perfect to stimulate muscle growth. Reps are 8-12 times you do one exercise and weight is 70-80% of your one rep maximum.(1RM) Or defined as, when you can only acheive the amount of reps with a given amount of weight. Rests are to be shorter between sets from 15-45 seconds with 3-5 sets per exercise volume. Duration of a full exercise routine can vary up to 1 hour or longer.Variences in reps, rests and weight are all optional. Referring to a personal trainer for a personalized health and fitness program is advised.

Powerlifting or (strength training)

Strength training has the goal of ultimately lifting as much weight as possible for one lift. Exercises with low reps are done for that particular goal to acheive a lift. A low rep range is required example: 2-6 reps followed by 2-6 sets. Rests are generally a longer period of time ranging from 3-6 minutes for optimized re-cooperation. Warm up and stretching are very important for injury prevention.


Endurance weight training is exercises performed for repetitive use of a particular muscle or movement. This training aids for activity such as biking,running,climbing and swimming. Exercises are done in high reps of 12-20 followed by 1-3 sets with a 20-30 second rest period going from one exercise to another. Weights used are lighter to allow for a longer period of lifting. Cardiovascular load as well as muscle fatigue are usually the focal point.


When the muscle force is equal to the resistive force as a result of no movment. Or an exercise that develops high-intensity contractions within a muscle without changing its length. Isometrics improves strength but only in the joint angle that its trained in. This type of exercising can be used in balance, stabilization and strength training.Some advantages are low cost ,space efficient and time efficient. The blood pressure is increased substantially while performing these exercises. If you are taking any medication or have high blood pressure check with your physician before trying these exercises.

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Another few sections of weight lifting that is more focused once you get the basics are: things called forced reps, negatives, spotting, warm up, cool down, form, supplements, isometrics and stretching. Here is a brief description of these topics.

Reps (repitition)

Is the count of a full range of motion of one exercise. Example-Bench press,a rep is the movement of the bar from the starting position at the top where arms are fully extended, followed by lowering the bar to the chest and pushing back up to the starting position.(- 1 rep)

Forced Rep(s)

This is the most intense part of weight training.Your personal trainer or a training partner will help you lift a heavy weight up, then allow you to do the exercise while spotting you with very little help until the exercise is fully completed. Only a very minor amount of assistance is the idea. This type of weight training is for maximum growth and is only suggested for people who have alot of experience with forced rep training.


A person that can assist you to avoid dropping the weight on you that could cause injury. The spotter is in charge of counting reps and encouraging the weight lifter to perform to there optimal level of performance. A spotter can always encourage the weight lifter to do more reps when needed. I’ve always said a training partner is the best supplement of lifting!


This term means lowering the weight or slowly allowing the movement on the down stage with concentrated control. In other words paying as much attention or more on the down stage of an exercise. These can be done during the normal sets or can be a focused set completely. With a set you do the rep up or concentric side and lower the weight with focus. Or with some type of assistance the weight is raised with no or little effort and the lowering is focused upon. This type of training is made for shock to the muscle to grow and is for strength.


This is a very important part of weight training because it helps prevent injury,allowing your blood to flow and physically warming up the body to prepare for exercising. Doing cardio or light weights for 5-10 minutes before lifting is recommended.

Cool down

The exact opposite of warm-up. Take a couple minutes to allow the body to come to a closer natural state, blood tends to pool in the lower body when vigorous exercise is stopped abruptly.Slowing down with cardio from a medium to slow pace will decrease the heart rate and allow the body to cool down naturally.


This is the most common reason why people get injured. Form needs to be mastered before the heavier weights are attempted to be lifted. Looking up the range of motion and or movement of an exercise is important. Swaying or bouncing weight during your exercise are examples of creating bad form.


Is a substance for adding nutrition to substitute the convenience or availability of a food. Things like protein , L glutamine,creatine,vitamins and minerals are all in food but you may not be ingesting enough.The idea is to make sure that your diet is complete and your body has all the nutrients that it requires for maximum growth and rejuvenation.Please click on the health button on our home page to find high quality health products.


Is very important with all physical activity whether its running,walking,weight training or swimming.Stretching is when a person performs a slow,gradual and controlled elongation of a muscle through a full range of motion. A very useful hint is to remember not to bounce or force a joint to far or to over stretch. A good stretch is uncomfortable at first but it does benefit you and should not be painful. There are lots of ways to stretch; please visit our yoga page for more information. If you have questions please consult our personal trainer by using our contact page.She can help you with all your fitness questions and concerns.

One important fact about weight training is to balance the body not just for looks but to avoid injuries.You need strength on the posterior and anterior of each area such as legs, arms,front to back. For instance tricep work is just important as bicep work or working the hamstring muscles = working the quadriceps muscles to prevent knee injury. Weight training is about learning how to achieve the best results. Feel free to pick up a magazine or read content specific web-sites on a particular subject to inform yourself. Weight lifting can be a fullfilling, rewarding activity and can be done for many real life functions and purposes.Our bodies need maintenance just like a car does. A rest or inactive state causes the body to react in the same manner as a temporary hibernation.The answer is in proportion to the frequency, work load ,diet and nutritional supply of your dedication and drive.Weightlifting can be done with several goals in mind and is not just for large muscles. You can also create a lean proportioned healthy body with weights as well as effecting your everyday lifestyle quality and positivity.

Inspired changes hopes we have inspired you to try weight training!